The bedroom should be a place where you can escape and relax, but many of us even have a hard time sleeping in our own beds. You can change your room from messy and unorganized to relaxing and comforting with just a few simple steps. Simply changing the lights in your room can make a big difference. Here are some tips to help. 

Warm lights look better When it comes to light bulbs, you can actually choose from a variety of tones and colors. They’re mainly divided into two types of tones, warm and cool. Cool tones give out a very bright, but harsh looking bluish light. These lights are good for areas like the garage or kitchen where you’ll need to feel awake. For bedrooms, living rooms and offices, a warm toned bulb would work better. Warm toned bulbs, like LEDs, have a yellowish tone to them so they don’t irritate the eyes as much. Check your local hardware store for these bulbs. 

Turn some of your lights off A room that’s too bright can definitely be hard to sleep in. the best way to relax without having to turn all your lights of is just to keep some accent lights, like desk lamps, on and turn the main light off. Lamps are great if you don’t want to have a dim lit room but not pitch dark. Low watt LED light bulbs are available for that soft lit feel, so get some of these for your lamps. 

Candle light Nothing beats candle light to help you relax. Get candles that have scents so they’ll also give it a wonderful smell. You’ll need to be careful when using candles. Make sure they’re place far away from anything flammable or could catch fire and place them inside a fireproof container. For further assistance, comments and questions, contact our customer support hotline.


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