Studying lights

Having a space to read a good book without being bothered is heaven on earth for book worms. However, the most common thing that could actually bother or even stop you from reading a book is not noise, it’s lighting. Lighting can make a big difference when it comes to reading. Proper lighting allows you to read in comfort, while poor lighting makes your eyes strain to see in the dimness. Whether you have a library or just read a book on the living room couch, your reading space needs to have comfortable lighting. Here are a few tips on how to make the lighting more comfortable in your reading area. 

Dimmers Work Wonderfully You don’t have to get rid of your existing lighting system to get comfortable lighting. Have a dimmer installed to the system so you can change the brightness to whatever you want. Dimmers are little knobs that can allow you to control the amount of light the bulbs give out. Some bulb systems, the in LEDs, actually come installed with dimming features. 

Task Lighting Task lights are the type of fixtures you can move around, bend, fold, and adjust to your desired angle. Some lamps will actually let you bend around its neck so you can position it comfortable to light up your book. You can also get one of those small lights with the LED bulbs that you can attach on the book itself to light the text. These also work as flashlights in case of emergencies. 

Tone Bulbs come with a temperature or tone, which is how warm or cool the light it gives out is. Basically, you can choose between a bluish tone or a cool tone, and a yellowish tone or a warm tone. Test them out to see which one is more comfortable to your eyes. For questions on the best LED lights for reading, don’t hesitate to contact us through our customer hotline.


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