Your Café a Homier Look

Forget about those over-priced coffee shops that serve the same thing when you’re out on a vacation. For a more welcoming, laid back experience, small, local cafés are the places to go to get to know a town a bit better. Owning one means that you not only have to worry about the food and service, but the ambiance as well.

The shop needs to feel very homey and relaxed, as if you’re customers are sitting in your own living room enjoying a cup of coffee and some food.

Here are a few tips on how you can give your shop a homier feel. 

Warm Toned Bulbs The majority of your bulbs or the main lighting system should use warm toned bulbs. These are the kinds of bulbs that give out a nice, yellow-toned light which is very relaxing to the eyes. As much as possible, avoid mixing cool toned bulbs with warm toned ones since this can give out a harsh look.

However, cool toned bulbs are useful if you want to make something stand-out like the counter or some interesting pieces of art on the wall. Try a few LED bulbs with warm and cool tones and play around with them. 

Choose the right wall color You can go ether light or dark on this one, just as long as you choose a color scheme that doesn’t clash. Also, don’t go too light or too dark. You can even mix light and dark colors for contras and add some track lights with LEDs to even make the colors pop. 

Keep the space fluid and open Even if you only have a small space to work with, you can create that open and flowing feel by making everything visible. Avoid placing walls or dividers in the space. Patterns that resemble water flowing also helps give off that fluid vibe.

You can also achieve this look by adding the actual element of water into the room. Think small water decors and accents that you can place here and there.

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