Light Fixtures

Lest face it, we all can’t afford to get those super expensive light fixtures that are usually featured in home improvement magazines. But this shouldn’t stop us from making our homes look beautiful and elegant. There are some inexpensive tricks that anyone can do to make their lights look extra special. Below are a few tips. 

Explore your Options Keep a photo of a light fixture you want and go window shopping. Don’t just stick to one shop and don’t be afraid to explore stores you’ve never been in to. Although you’re aiming to find a light fixture that looks very close to the one on the magazine or catalog, you’d be lucky to find one that looks exactly like it. Try to find one that has the basic look and structure to the original. Choose a lamp with LED bulbs or replace it with one to give it a brighter glow. 

Choose a Classic Base Try to pick a fixture that has a classic design and shape that you can work with. This makes it easier to jazz up since the design provides you with the basic figure and form. Also, choose something with a light color if you’re planning to repaint it with a different, more exciting color. This makes it easier for the color to really stand-out. 

Let your Creativity Flow Nothing looks more expensive than furniture that was designed and hand-made specifically for you. The catch is, you actually made it yourself. You don’t have to tell anyone that you made the light fixture with your own hands. Go online and find an inspiration. Use materials that are unique and unexpected. Create a light fixture that you can use as a centerpiece to really wow your guest. Play around with new types of bulbs like LED light bulbs and colored bulbs.

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