You tuck the kids in for the night and give them a good night kiss, hoping that they’ll quickly drift off to sleep so you can get your rest as well. Unfortunately, you’ll usually end up getting woken up by them in the middle of the night. Around 70% of kids 10 years old and younger have problems when it comes to sleep. Although the hours we need for sleep does naturally decrease as we get older, a good night’s rest is still important. Here are a few ways to help your kids sleep better at night. 

Give them a Nightlight Nightlights are the best way to help them sleep through the night, especially if they’re afraid of the dark. Producers even get very creative with these lights and make colorful designs or effects on them. Most nightlights are battery powered, but you can use a small lamp and plug it next to their beds. Just make sure you defuse the bulb, especially if it’s using LED light bulbs, with a thick lamp shade. You can also use a bulb with low brightness. 

Keep Their Door Open Let the light outside come in so their room won’t be as dark. Most of us keep the lights on the hall on at night so we won’t be walking around in the dark when we go to the bathroom, so why not make the most of it? Newer bulbs like LEDs give off enough light that can get in and brighten up their room a bit. 

Less Stress during the Day Most kids have problems sleeping at night because they’re too stressed out during the day. Give them breaks during the afternoons or even naps so they can relax and rest from school and playing. Also, try to tuck them in earlier, they’ll have a longer sleeping time and they rest better. For comments and questions, feel free to contact our customer support hotline.


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