Stage lighting

It doesn’t matter if it’s a play or a concert you’re preparing for, stage lighting can make a huge difference in creating a great production. This is why many performers, directors and, producers turn to light directors to help them get that perfect lighting environment to set the audience’s mood and give more emotion to what they see. The lighting can turn any scene happy or sad or even exciting. What are the things you need to consider when dealing with stage lights? Below are a few. 

Colour Color adds drama and emotion to the stage. Thankfully, you can get light bulbs in any color these days. LED light bulbs are a good type of colored bulb to work with since they give out a very strong, crisp light. The color also doesn’t become too blurry or muddy and you can distinguish it from each other. If you can find colored lights, films are your next best bet. They’re inexpensive and you can change them easily. 

Background Lighting and Position It’s important to place lights in front of the stage so the audience can see the performers, but background lighting also makes a big difference. Think of it as part of the stage design. You can adjust it, turn it on and off to give the stage a different atmosphere and feel. Just don’t overdo it with the background lighting or the stage will look too flat. 

Tone You can choose from cool and warm tones, depending on what the event is and what matches the mood of the show. For lively, energetic shows, try cool toned LEDs. As for a more relaxed, intimate show, go for warm bulbs. Try not to mix different tones together since it’s going to look irritating. If you want to achieve a multi toned effect, use colored bulbs. For any comments or questions, contact our customer support hotline at 1800 744 706.


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