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Bookworms know how relaxing it is to curl up in a corner of the room and get lost in a good book. But a good book is best read somewhere conducive to reading. Fortunately, creating the perfect reading space is not as difficult as it sounds, and you don’t need an interior decorator or to renovate your room just for a small reading area.

However, you do need to consider a few things, like comfort, lighting and other little details. With these in mind, it’s not impossible to turn that little corner in your home into a reading space. 

Comfort Keep your potential reading space comfortable with big chairs you can sink into. Some people would even use a small couch with big pillows. Beanbags also make for great reading chairs; you can arrange a few of these around the space. If you just want to have a single chair, get a big, comfortable one that has ample cushion to support your back. 

Lighting Although many studies have shown that reading in dim-lit areas actually doesn’t actually damage your eyes, it’s still better to have a good light to help you see what you’re reading. Warm LED bulbs are perfect for this job since they give out a nice, soft glow. Try to use a lamp that you can easily move around and position to whatever angle you want. 

Details Color is important. Avoid using colors that are too harsh on the eyes, not unless it’s an accent. Stick to earth-tone colors, pastels, or colors that are “easy” on the eyes. Add little accents like figurines, unique lamps with LED light bulbs, photos, and little knick knacks that fit into the theme you’re after. Be creative and have fun with decorating your reading corner and turn it into a little personal space.

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