How to Create A Spa-look for your Bathroom with Light and More


If you’re lucky enough to have a bigger bathroom that comes with a tub that you can soak yourself in for a long and relaxing bath, you might want to make space look and feel like you just stepped into a spa. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to turn your bathroom into a personal spa. You just need a few essential details and you can have a spa experience every day. 

Aroma Therapy If you step into a room that smells like lavender or peppermint, you’d feel a bit more relaxed right away. Aroma therapy is one of the easiest home remedies that you can do to relieve stress. You can choose from a wide variety of fragrances, ranging from flowers to herbs. Essential oils are great to use by adding a few drops to your bath water to make it even more fragrant. Just make sure you’re using the organic type

Dim Lights Although many of us are used to looking at the watts to know how bright a bulb is, newer light bulbs like LEDs use lumens or the actual measurement of brightness on the packaging. Check a conversion chart to know how dim the bulb is. If you can’t find a dim bulb, a dimmer should do the job. Plus it makes you choose how bright or dim the light bulb goes. Candles can also give you the same look but if you don’t want to use real ones, plastic candles with LED bulbs that mimic candle flicker are available in dollar stores. 

Music Grab a few instrumental or chill-out music albums from the store or go online and buy the tracks. Relaxing music can help slow us down and unwind from the day’s tension. The best thing about buying music online is that there is ready-made playlist that you can purchase. For questions and comments, you can contact our customer support hotline on 1800 744 706.

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