Conserve Energy and Save on your Power Bill

A significant percentage of the power we use in our homes goes to our lighting system. Most of the time, we just keep the lights on until morning comes because many of us aren’t really aware of how we can help conserve power by managing our lights more efficiently. You can make a few simple changes to help save thousands of dollars on your electricity bill. 

Switch it off There can be dozens of light bulbs In the average home, which some of these left switched on all night long, even when they serve no real practical purpose. That said, make it a point to double check rooms and areas in your home for bulbs that you need to turn off before you go to sleep. Bulbs that are left on without actually being used are wasting a lot of energy, and they burn out faster than you’d expect them to.

Switch bulbs New, energy friendly bulbs are the best thing to happen to lighting since Edison came out with his light bulb. They’re efficient since they use less energy and they have a longer life span. Consider getting these bulbs the next time you go out to buy new light bulbs. Most hardware stores are actually promoting these so you can easily find them. 

Dimmers and timers These are a big help especially if you want to customize your lighting system. Dimmers are little knobs that allow you to control the amount of light the light bulbs gives out, making them perfect for bedrooms or areas in your home that you want to give a dim effect. Timers are grate for outdoor lighting since you can set them to turn off and on during certain times of the day. These are compatible even to new light system like the ones with LED bulbs. For comments and questions, feel free to contact our customer support hotline.


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