Keeping your furniture clean is not enough when you’re maintaining a neat and organized home. You also have to think about the little things like corners, shelve tops, and even your light fixtures. Your lamps and lighting systems also need a good cleaning every now and then, so get ready to clean and scrub the dirt and dust off them. Here are a few tips on how you can clean your light fixtures. 

Safety First Make sure you turn the lights off before you clean the fixture. You’re working very close to electricity and you don’t want to get shocked. Some light bulbs can also be very hot, so watch out for these. Newer power friendly bulbs like LEDs don’t heat up as much so you can touch them without any problems. 

Consider the Material You need to know what kind of materials your light fixtures are made of. Certain cleaning liquids could damage the delicate materials so read the print on the containers about what the cleaning liquid is for and what it shouldn’t be used on. If you don’t trust chemical cleaning liquids, you can make an all-around cleaning liquid from natural materials that you can find in your kitchen. Mix lemon juice, vinegar and water and use it to wipe off dirt and grime from any surface. 

Soft Fabrics Work Better Skip the steel wool and brushes. When wiping down light fixtures, you’d want to use something that’s soft so it won’t damage the surface. Brushes and good with materials made with cloth and need a good scrubbing, but as for metal and wood, stick with soft cleaning fabrics or old pieces of cloth that you have no use for. 

Wipe Carefully Carefully wipe of the dust on your LED bulbs. Take your time cleaning out the outer and inner side of the fixture. You can never tell where dust could be hiding. For comments and questions on LED lighting maintenance, contact the LiquidLEDs customer support team.


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