Everyone uses their bedroom lighting differently, especially their bedside lamps. If you’re the type of person who uses these for reading, you need to choose the best bedside lamp for the job. Also, you don’t want to choose something that’s going to clash with your room’s design. Below are a few advices on picking out the perfect one. 

Identical or Mix and Match When it comes to bedside lamps, most people would choose identical ones. Most of these even come in pairs or sets when you buy them. However, consider using two different lamps to give your room some attitude. You can find different pieces form thrift shops, garage sales or even at the home improvement shop and mix them together. Just make sure that the lamp still works perfectly before you buy it, especially from thrift stores and garage sales. Also, check if newer bulbs, like LED bulbs, will work on them. 

Consider other Lights in the Room Don’t forget the other light fixtures in the room. If you already have a very bright lighting system installed in your bedroom, you won’t need a bright table side lamp. Also, never mix different tones of light together. Warm lights look nice in bedrooms, and if you use a cool light for your bedside lamp, it will clash with the beautiful warm tones. It’s also irritating to the eyes. 

Go Green These days, it’s important to use energy friendly bulbs. These bulbs are better since they use less power compared to regular bulbs like incandescent and they also last ten times longer. You get power saving benefits and less maintenance cost if you switch to these bulbs and they’re readily available in most hardware and home improvement stores. Questions? Comments? Feel free to contact our customer support hotline.


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