How to Change your Room’s Look for Less Using Light and More


Many of us have always wanted to jazz up a space or a room in our homes. Since getting an interior decorator is too much, most would just look for simple do-it-yourself projects to jazz up their space. The less you spend for a beautiful result, the better. Here are a few tips on how you can change a room’s look without spending too much. 

Paint it yourself A couple of cans of paint and a few brushes are not going to cost you a lot. You will need some time for this project though, and how soon you can finish it will depend on how fast you can paint and how big the space it. Doing this over the weekend should be enough time to finish an average sized room.The other thing you need for this project are some old newspapers to protect the floor and some tape to cover certain areas that you don’t want to get paint in. you’re also going to need patients to wait for the paint to dry. 

Change the lights Consider changing the temperature of the light bulbs you have installed in the room now. The temperature of a bulb can make a big difference. Warm colored bulbs give a yellowish light that has a nice relaxing feel, perfect for bedrooms and living rooms. Cool toned lights, however, give out a bright bluish light, making them great for areas like kitchens and offices. Most LED bulbs come in different tones so try them out. 

Colorful lights Who said that colored lights are only for the holidays and landscaping? Try to integrate colored LEDs into the room’s main light source and watch it liven up with color. Most of these bulbs are very inexpensive nowadays so you don’t really need to worry about cost. Plus they help minimize power usage so you also save on electricity. For any comments or questions, contact our customer support hotline.


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