Brighten Up your Room

Staying in a dull and dark bedroom can be a bit depressing. Although a dim lit room can help you get some sleep, it’s not really any good if you’re working or studying in it. You don’t need to spend a lot on your lighting system to give your room a brighter look.

Below are some tips that can help you achieve a brighter room for less. 

Open a Window Just by simply opening a window, you can bring in a lot of light and you won’t have to spend for anything. Sun light is the best type of light you can find and it’s free, so why not make the most of it? Opening a window will also let fresh air flow into your room, giving it more life. It also gives the place a more welcoming and homier feel. 

Paint it Light A new paint job will definitely brighten up any old room. Stick with light, pastel colors. This does take some time, but it’s not a challenge for those weekend DIY warriors. If you can’t paint the walls, drape light colored curtain on them. a can of paint and a few brushes doesn’t cost much, and you can find a number of light colored curtains for less at any home improvement store or even garage sales and flea markets. 

New Bulbs Still using old incandescent bulbs? Switch to new energy efficient bulbs to save energy and give your room more light. There are a number of different kinds of energy efficient light bulbs, but LEDs are the best ones you can find in the market. They’re considerably more expensive compared to other bulbs, but the power saving is amazingly higher.

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