Outdoor Space Lighting

Many of us are becoming very conscious about being more power and eco-friendly, especially with our home utility. Indoor lights can easily be managed and maintained to consume less power, especially when you shift to energy efficient bulbs, but mimicking the same power efficiency is a bit different when it comes to outdoor space.

People who spend a lot of time entertaining their friends and family with outdoor parties may think that it’s impossible, especially when you need power for lights and entertainment needs. It doesn’t actually take a lot to turn this area power friendly.

Below are a few tips to help make the most of your outdoor space and make it more eco-friendly

Add some Trees This not only helps give more life to your landscape, but it can also help give your home more shade and protect it from the heat of the sun. The cooler your surroundings, the less you need to use your air conditioning system.

Imagine being able to step outside on a warm summer day and enjoying some time outside in the shade. It’ll also give you more reason to entertain during the day. Just be sure that the trees are planted strategically if you experience cold seasons. 

Hands On with Maintenance Forget about your motorized lawn mower, get hands on with a manual push around. Electric leaf blowers during fall? Get a rake and pile the leaves up. It’s more work and a little time consuming, but it’s more efficient.

Look at it as a way to have your kids help out with the chores or a workout session without going to the gym. 

LEDs for Outdoor Lighting What’s not to like about LED lights. They’re power friendly, they need less maintenance since they last longer, and they’re safer for outdoor use. Some LED manufactures even make a specific line specifically for outdoor lighting. These come in a wide array of colors to help add drama to any outdoor space.

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