Outdoor lighting has welcomed a new type of bulb to help give home owners a sense of security and a beautiful and well-lit outdoor area. LEDs have become a huge hit as an outdoor lighting choice because of its easy maintenance, durability and power saving benefits.

Many communities have even shifted from using sulfur street lights to these brighter light bulbs. If you’re thinking of switching your outdoor light bulbs with LED lights, below are a few tips to make the most of them. Tones Matter When it comes to choosing a light bulb, you have the chance to pick out ether a warm or cool toned bulb. Warm toned bulbs have a relaxing yellow tone to them, which makes them perfect if you’re looking to give your space a romantic and homey feel.

Cool tones, however, give out a very bright and energizing light. A cool-toned bulb will work wonderfully for areas that you want to highlight, like a pond or a landscape detail like a flowerbed. Splash Some Color Lighting can actually be a great way to add color to your outdoor space. Try out some colored bulbs and use them to create a focal point in your outdoor space.

Never be afraid to use colored bulb, just be sure to pick out colors that actually match your landscaping design or the look that you’re trying to go for. LED lights come in a wide range of colors and some bulbs even come multi-colored.

Give them A Show What’s so great about LED light bulbs is there are some lighting systems made with these bulbs that you can give a beautiful lightshow to the outdoor area. These systems are programmable and you can customize the color, timing and even the blinking pattern of the lights.

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