How Lighting Plays a Huge Role in your Home’s Live ability


Only a few factors in your home have the power to affect your mood, comfort level, health, the appearance of your home—lighting happens to be one of them. While many homeowners obsess over which sofa to bring home, or which color to paint certain rooms, any interior designer worth his salt will start with the lighting scheme.

Your home’s lighting makes all the difference as far as aesthetics and comfort goes. Here’s a closer look at lighting’s powerful effects. 

Natural Sunlight Makes your Home Brighter and Cleaner For thousands of years, natural sunlight has been an essential factor for our health and survival, and that’s not changing any time soon. As far as your home goes, the natural anti-microbial effects of sunlight can keep things clean and dry, keeping it free of moisture-loving bacteria.

You can bring in natural light with simple measures like using thinner curtains and using minimal treatments on your windows. More complex solutions include creating new windows or even a skylight. 

Rooms with More Light Look and Feel More Spacious Although there isn’t a whole lot you can do to increase the space of a small room, what you can do is create the illusion of space using light. If you have lowly lit or unlit areas of your room, its overall appearance can feel smaller than it really is, but if you use an array of lighting sources, particularly in the evening, you can “get” more space by shedding light in all corners of the room. 

Artificial Light Can Make your Home Look Beautiful Light bulbs have come a long way in both energy efficiency and appearance since being invented some 100 years ago. Today, LED light bulbs have solved the heating problems of incandescent bulbs, and the flickering issues of CFLs. It helps that they’re incredibly energy efficient too.

By using a combination of different artificial lighting sources, from sconces, to track lights, overhead lights, and chandeliers, you can create remarkable lighting effects at home, similar to what you would find in a hotel room or café. You can find more tips on lighting in this article by Freshome. You can also call the LiquidLEDs team to learn more about lighting.


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