How LEDs Took Over

You’ve probably heard of LED bulbs and how great they are when it comes to power saving and efficiency. It all might sound like a new technology to most, but the LED’s actually been around for a long time. From being a lab experiment, the humble light emitting diode has grown to become widely used in appliances, consumer electronics products, and more recently, in flat-screen televisions and monitors, as well as cell phones. After engineers developed an LED bulb that was strong enough to mimic a regular light bulb, the game changed and these energy friendly bulbs are now the most widely recommended household bulb in most markets. 

Goodbye Incandescent Bulbs Incandescent bulbs are the most common bulbs being used at home. They’re cheap, easy to find and they can produce a good light. However they use a lot of electricity and just don’t last very long. In the end, they can be very expensive to maintain and they consume a disproportionate amount of power for the intensity of light they generate. Many countries have even banned these bulbs and are asking consumers to replace them with eco-friendly bulbs. More choices rolled in and that’s when the LED started getting popular. 

How it Works A light emitting diode or LED is a small diode that produces a small light when a low volt passes through it. This produces a reaction that creates the light without the bulb heating up, unlike the filaments in older bulbs. This is why it doesn’t need a lot of power to light up. Because a single diode can only make a small amount of light, an LED light bulb is actually made out of hundreds, even thousands, of these diodes.

LED Systems Most hardware stores carry LED systems if you’re planning to change your whole home’s lighting system into something more eco and power friendly. These do cost a bit of money, but they’re a wonderful investment. You can see the difference on your power bill right away. These systems are composed of a bunch of LED bulbs and even high tech ones that allow you to control them via your phone. For any comments or questions, contact our customer support hotline.


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