LEDS Save Money

 In recent years, people are becoming more and more energy conscious and are starting to shift to eco-friendly alternatives, leading to LED lights taking spotlight as a leader in the power friendly lighting system choices. LED bulb prices have dropped in the past few years and more producers and developers are creating stronger and better LEDs for home and business use. But how does the humble LED help you save money in your utilities bill? Below are the main ways they do. 

It uses less power The main reason why LED lights bulbs help you save is because it uses a fraction of the power incandescent, halogens and florescent lights use. When it comes to light bulbs, the higher the watt, the more power it uses. A few years ago, people would choose the bulbs with the highest watts since it gave the most light output. But this all changed when research and development in the lighting industry created eco-friendly bulbs that gave out the same light output for less power being consumed. When buying energy saving bulbs, you should look at the lumens, or the brightness, instead of the wattage. 

It lasts longer Another benefit that these bulbs have is that they last longer. Most LED bulbs are expected to give out light for 50 000 hours. So if you turn the lights on for about 10 hours every day, this would add up to about 13.7 years on a single LED. Comparing this to a regular incandescent bulb will last you for about 1000 hours, an LED is definitely a great investment. You won’t have to replace it anytime soon and maintenance is a breeze. These are the two main reasons why LEDs can help you save a lot of money. They’re a great investment, so the next time you go shopping for bulbs, consider getting these.


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