The garage is not just a space where you park your car, but it’s also a work area, storage area and sometimes a place where you’d just want be in to get lost in a weekend project. It’s important that your garage has proper lighting, especially when you’re going to spend a lot of time there.

Here are a few tips. 

Keep it Bright Since you’ll be working in your garage, you’ll want to keep the space bright to help you see what you’re doing. Place a few LED bulbs around the room to really give it a good amount of light. if you have a work table, you can add some lights above it.

Stick with cool toned light bulbs since these help with keeping you alert and feeling awake. They also give off a crisp and clean light. 

Task lights are very helpful Whether you’re working with your car’s engine or building something, task light fixtures can help you by making the job a bit easier. You can angle these lights to whatever position you want, which makes them perfect for those hard-to-reach areas that need light.

Go for lamps with bendable and adjustable bodies or necks. Bright bulbs like LED light bulbs are also perfect for the job. 

Light Up the Outside as Well Place some lights outside your garage so you won’t be parking the car in the dark. It’ll also be safer for you since you won’t have to depend on your headlights to see any obstacles, like tools or projects, which you might have left lying around the garage floor. Connect a light with a motion sensor that you can pick up for a few dollars at the hardware store, on top of the garage door.

The sensors will pick up movement and automatically turn the lights on for you. Some garage door systems even come with lights, so if you’re planning on getting a new one, might as well spend for this extra feature.

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