How to Keep the Lighting in your Kid’s Room Safe

As a parent, it’s your priority to make sure that your child is always in a safe environment, even if you’re in the comfort of your own home. Accidents happen and nobody can tell if your child might get into one. This is why it’s best to make everything in the house child-friendly, especially when it comes to light bulbs and lighting. Your kids will spend a lot of time in their rooms playing and doing activities. A well-lit room is great since they can see what they’re doing better and you can watch over them without any problems. However, the lights can be a hazard. Here are a few tips to keep the lights in your child’s room safe. 

No to hot bulbs Common light bulbs, like incandescent ones, tend to heat up when producing light. This means that the longer it’s on, the hotter it could get. This could be dangerous around kids since they might end up knocking the lamp over or touching the light bulb out of curiosity. Stick with bulbs that don’t heat up like LEDs. They’re safer and use less power. 

Shades help protect Lamp shades will help protect your kids and avoid them from touching the bulb. Another benefit that they give is that you can use them for arts and crafts activities. You can decorate the shades and make them look like anything you want. Use inexpensive, plane lamp covers and draw on them with your kids. 

Wires need to be kept hiddenWhen it comes to wires, it’s best to hide them in a corner or make sure that they are well organized and kept away from sight. There have been many instances where kids would play or even cut the wires of lighting fixtures. If possible, try to use battery powered LED bulbs to give the room a bit of light. For comments and questions, feel free to contact our customer support hotline.


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