How Light Bulbs can be Dangerous

There’s no rocket science behind installing a light bulb successfully. However, these little glass luminaries can be a hazard, especially when you don’t install them correctly.

It’s important to remember that you’re working with electricity when your installing a bulb, and accidents can still happen which could severely hurt you or someone else. Below are common dangerous incidents that can happen while installing a light bulb. 

Electric Shock This is probably the most common danger. You could get shocked and seriously hurt if the bulb leaks electric currents from its metal parts. There have been a number of incidents of electrocution, even when the bulb came from a well-known light bulb manufacturer.

There have also been a few recalls by a few models. It’s important to keep track of these factory defects and recalls in case you bought one of these bulbs. Also make sure you get a bulb that passed through a strict quality assurance assessment before being sold in the market. Try newer bulbs like LEDs that come from manufacturers that assure quality and safety. 

Fire Older bulbs, such as incandescent or the ones that have filaments in them, tend to heat up to after being used for a few hours. The heat from these bulbs can cause light materials, like thin fabrics and paper, to burn.

That’s why it’s important to keep your curtains away from your light fixtures or to avoid using really thin cardboard or paper-like material as lampshades. It’s also better to use light bulbs which don’t produce as much heat, like LED bulbs

Breakage Tiny pieces of sharp, shattered glass scattered all over the floor can cause anyone to worry, especially if you have kids of pets around that could cut themselves. If there’s a small scratch or crack on the bulb or if it accidentally falls, don’t use it and dispose of it properly.

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