Having an area filled with classical books and reading materials is something you would want to showcase. After the invention of tablets, a home library has become a thing of a past. However, some people still prefer a good book over a downloadable e-book. They still collect classic books, even priceless limited edition ones, to read and showcase in their homes. To better show off these priceless books, it’s a good idea to use proper lighting for your library. Here are a few tips on how to make the most of your library lights

Pick out warm colors Library lighting needs to have a nice, homey feel to it. You’re not only showcasing your collection of books, but you’re also spending time reading in this space. Pick out lights that are less harsh on the eyes. Warm colored light bulbs are the best choice since they emit a yellowish light, which makes the light more comfortable to the eyes. Most light bulb types and brands have warm tones, even newer ones like LED bulbs. 

Accent Lights After you have the main lighting set up, you can play around with decorative or accent lighting. These lights are great for highlighting an area in the library, such as a painting or a bookshelf. You can use a number of accent lighting like LED light bulbs in the back of the shelves to give them a more interesting look. Other way to use accent lighting would be to place a chandelier or a novelty lamp as a centerpiece. 

Go Natural During the day, the best way to give your library some light is by sun light. Windows are your best friend, so use them. Try not to over dress your windows with curtains so you can let the sunlight in. It helps with the power bill, plus it makes the area look nice. For comments and questions, feel free to contact our customer support hotline.


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