Home Library Lighting Tips

Even in the age of mobile PDF readers, many people still prefer to read from books. Others even have libraries in their homes where they showcase books and reading materials they’ve collected over the years. Home libraries are treated as retreat rooms that homeowners can run to and feel relaxed and calm. Lighting plays an important role in bringing life to this area. Here are a few tips on lighting your home library. 

Get That Homey Feel Libraries look their best if you use lights that will make them feel calm and welcoming. You’ll be spending a lot of time reading here, as well as entertaining guests. Warm toned bulbs fit perfectly for this space. These give off a nice yellow toned light that has a relaxing glow. They’re also less irritating to the eyes. Most light bulb manufacturers offer warm toned bulbs, but you can never go wrong with LEDs. 

Windows You can’t go wrong with opening a window and letting sunlight into the room. Avoid placing heavy curtains or overdressing your windows with frills and blinds. Stick with curtains made with light materials so they don’t look too bulky. You can also tie them back and use adorable curtain tie which adds an accent to the room. Sunlight not only makes any space look wonderful, it’s also free so you get to save money on your power bill. 

Decorative Lights Adding decorative lighting can give the room more personality and life. Lights like table or floor lamps are great to add in corners and beside furniture. You can even add track lights on the ceiling and point them towards your bookshelf to highlight them. Tubes with LED light bulbs placed on the edges or the back of the shelves can give them a nice glow.

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