Many people think they have to spend a lot just to make their homes look good. They add many details like fames, decorative furniture, and extravagant lighting, which all cost a lot, but can give the space a “too over-dressed” look. Keeping it simple, especially with smaller spaces like city apartments and dormitory rooms, is better.

Utilizing light is one of the ways to make a room look beautiful without spending too much. You just need to know the basics on lighting and you can make any space look like a million dollars.

Below are some tips. 

Choose the Right Light for the Height If you have higher ceilings, you can get away with hanging light fixtures like drop lights and even DIY chandeliers. It’ll also help disperse the light in the room better. Lower ceilings are better off with ceiling lights that don’t hang low.

This helps with making the space look bigger and not too cramped. Down lights with LED bulbs are also good options especially if you want to highlight something in the room. 

Warm or Cool Light bulbs basically have two tones, warm and cool. Some areas in the house look better with a certain tone. Warm tones are great for areas like the living room or bedroom since these bulbs give off a yellowish toned light which makes the area feel very homey and comforting.

Cool bulbs are better for kitchens or garages where you’ll be doing work because of its bluish light that can help with alertness. Try out LED light bulbs since these give off a better light, no matter what tone it is. 

Angles and Positions Matter Where you place the lights plays a big role in getting the most of their brightness. For example, placing a floor lamp in a corner will only illuminate that side. To really maximize its light output, place it somewhere the light can actually fill up. Move you light fixtures around to see where they look better.

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