The kitchen is somewhere many homeowners would want to gravitate towards in their own homes. There’s something romantic about having a nice kitchen serving as the backdrop while you slave over a slow-cooked meal. For many people, however, their busy schedules make it next to impossible to cook at home, making the kitchen an oft neglected place. If you want to try the homey and therapeutic feel that comes from staying in your kitchen and making yourself or your family a good, home cooked meal, but don’t have a good looking kitchen, start with lighting. Other than the appliances, lighting is an important part of any kitchen. A single light bulb isn’t going to be enough to give you proper lighting. Here are a few tips on how to properly illuminate your kitchen and give it that beautiful glow. 

Use Warm Lights For a homier look, the best light bulbs to use are warm toned bulbs. These are the kind of bulbs that give out a warm, yellowish light that’s relaxing to the eyes. They’re great for areas like the kitchen or the bedroom where you want to feel relaxed. Most light bulb manufacturers have some kind for warm toned bulb available and newer bulbs like LEDs also have them. 

Decorate the Lights Never underestimate the power of decorative lighting. Placing a boring light fixture in a room might light it up, but it doesn’t do anything to make it interesting. Use creative and decorative light fixtures. Try a colorful lamp cover, a chandelier, hanging metal lights, use your imagination and jazz up the area. Don’t hesitate to check magazines or even thrift shops to find interesting pieces that you can use. 

Accent lightingPlacing a few accent lights here are there can help pull the room together. a few examples of these accent lights are novelty lamps that look like familiar characters or symbols, light tubes that you can place around the bar or cupboard to highlight it, even little battery powered LED bulbs that mimic candle light. Basically, any light fixture that’s more on the esthetic side than the practical side. For suggestions on what kind of LED lights to use for your kitchen, get in touch with the LiquidLEDs customer support team.


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