It’s always best to read a book, magazine or any other reading material in a space with good lighting. A badly lit room doesn’t help make reading comfortable, in fact it’s actually irritating. Most people feel sleepy when reading in a dim-lit room so finishing a good book is going to take longer than expected. So what does it take to have a properly lit room for reading? Below are a few helpful tips. 

Tones Play A Role When purchasing a light bulb, you get to choose between warm and cool tones. Basically, warm tones are the ones that give out a yellowish colored hue when they light up. These bulbs give a relaxing, homey feel to the area it illuminates. Cool toned bulbs are the opposite. They have a bluish toned hue while can help people to stay more focus and awake. Choosing the tone of the bulb for your reading area is up to you.

Do you want it to be more relaxed and laid-back for casual reading or do you want to feel awake and active for study sessions and work? Either way, don’t mix tones together since this will only end up irritating your eyes. You can get newer bulbs like LEDs in different tones. 

“Soft” Lighting Getting a new bulb helps give the room more light, but you might want to defuse the light to make it less harsh and irritating to the eyes. Defusing the light can also give the room a “softer” look, which helps a lot with the interior design. Use lamp shades or even paper lanterns to soften then light. You can even get creative with these and add some color. 

Task Lighting Always have a light source that you can freely move around and adjust to whatever you are reading. Look for table lamps with adjustable necks or even clip-on battery powered lights with LED bulbs that you can place on top of your reading material.

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