LED Lights to your Stairways

The stairway is usually left plain in most homes. However, this area can actually give the space more life and drama if you add some light to it. This also helps keep the space safe and the steps visible to make it less accident prone. Below are a few lighting tips for your stairs using LED light bulbs.

Wrap the handrails with LED strings break out your holiday lights and use them to brighten up your staircase. Wrap them on the handrails or the base of the handrails and watch the space light up. This is a great way for you to add light to space and use your LED holidays lights all year round. You can use colored LED holiday lights to make things more colorful and interesting.

Install lights on the sides of the steps this might take a little work, but the results are beautiful. Cut out holes on the sides or even on the spaces between each step and place a small LED bulb here. This highlights the staircase and gives you more light as you make your way up or down the steps. Stick with low lumens bulbs for this project. You want to add more brightness to space, but don’t want to make it too bright that it overpowers the main lighting system. Hang a set of mini-chandeliers If you have high ceilings, this is a perfect idea. You can find a set of mini-chandeliers of less in home improvements stores or ever online. If you’re creative enough, you can even make them yourself using a small metal base and some crystals that you can buy at crafts and hobby stores. Mini-chandeliers often use small LED light bulbs and can give any space a classic look.

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