Perhaps all parents go through a phase where they focus their attention on decorating their child’s room with whimsical and fun items. They’d furnish it with a bed shaped into a car, a table that looks like a flower for girls, and chairs that look like rocking horses. If you’re having hard time thinking about how you can decorate your kid’s room, just try to see through their imaginative eyes. You don’t have to spend a lot of make their rooms fun and creative. It’s your chance to become a kid again and treat their space like an empty piece of paper ready to be drew on and colored. Here are a few things that you can do to create a fun design for your kid’s room. 

Play with Light One of the most over-looked elements in a room’s décor is the lighting. If you know how to play around with lights, you can make a room that can stir any child’s imagination. Learn about a few different light bulbs that you can use, like LED bulbs. Different light bulbs have different types of light output. You can even find colored light bulbs that you can use as accents. 

Color Works Adding color to their room is not only going to make it less dull and boring, it can also inspire them to do something artsy. In fact, you can actually let your kids color their own room. Paint one side of the wall with chalkboard paint and give your kids some chalk. You can actually let them draw and color on the wall and they’ll love you for it. 

Nightlights are also Creative Most kids can’t sleep in the dark. They’ll either ask you to leave the door slightly open or they’ll ask for a night light. Be creative and make a nightlight that can cast shadows and comfort them in the dark. You can use an inexpensive lamp, cut out shapes on the shade and install LED light bulbs on them. For comments and questions, feel free to contact our customer support hotline.


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