If your house is big enough, consider using some of the space to create a playroom. A child’s playroom is like a space for them to retreat and have fun. Where they can do absolutely anything they want and create memories by playing and learning. Designing a playroom is not as easy as it sounds.

However, with the right tools, you can make an environment where your child can learn and grow while having fun. Here are a few tips on how to design a playroom. 

Themes Help Themes are the easiest way to design a space without going crazy. Choose a theme that you know you can work with. Also, pick out one that can grow with your child and that you can easily change.

For example, an airplane theme might want you to decorate the space using things that you can see at an airport. As time goes by, those plastic airplane toys can turn to airplane models that you and your child can enjoy. 

Add some lights Creative lighting can make a simple room look amazing. Use a few colored LED bulbs to give the room more color without busing out the paint and paint brush.

Novelty lights are also a great way to illuminate the space. You can find a number of decorative lamps for kids in most light supply and home depot shops. Floss lights made with LED light bulbs are also a great option to play with. 

Arts and Crafts Kids love to get creative with all the different arts and crafts tools that they can get their hands on. Instead of just filling the room with a bunch of toys, add some arts and crafts supply as well. If you’re worried about them painting or writing on the wall, paint the walls with chalkboard paint so you can clean it up easily and your kids will love the fact that they can actually crate artworks on the wall.

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