Keep pets away from light bulbs

If you have dogs at home, you’d know how tiring to can be to keep them away from jumping or chewing on your light fixtures. Your dogsmay see your light fixtures as toys, so it’s no surprise that they might jump on them or place them in their mouth. It not only damages your light fixtures, but it can cause harm to your pets. Below are ways to keep your light fixtures away from your pets. 

Hanging lights are your friends The best way to stop them from getting their paws on your light fixtures is by keeping your lights as far away from them as possible. Hanging lights are the best choice since they’re placed up on a certain height that most dogs can’t reach, not unless you own a really big dog or if youcelling are really low. Look for options at a light store or home improvement store for hanging lights which fit perfectly to your space. You can find a number for these even for new lighting systems like LEDs

Train Them At times, accidents happen because your dog can get really active inside the house and run around. They end up tipping over lamp shades or floor lamps, and even get themselves hurt. It’s best to train them and teach them to be calm and well-behaved when they’re inside the house. 

Use Less Warm Lights One thing about older light bulbs is that they tend to create a lot of heat when you use them. There have been incidents where the bulbs get so hot that people have gotten burns just by touching them. Newer lighting systems like LED light bulbs don’t heat up as much, so in case your pet comes in contact with them, they won’t get hurt.

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