Cats Safe from Light Bulb

Cats love to climb on shelves and hide in little corners. However, when they jump to the floor, they might end up smashing your light fixtures and even hurt themselves along the way. At times, our beloved pets can get themselves into trouble, so it’s our job to keep our homes, and light fixtures, pet friendly.

Below are a few tips on how you can keep both of your light fixtures and your cats safe around each other. 

Use LEDs These bulbs are one of the best choices you can make for your home. Unlike regular light bulbs that can be hot to the touch when used for some time, these bulbs don’t produce that much excess heat.

So if your cat ever does jump on a lamp, they’re less of a fire hazard and it won’t hurt them. LED bulbs are also made from plastic and wont shatter easily. Also, they use less power compared to other bulbs so you save power when you use them. 

Toxic Chemicals Off If you already are using power friendly bulbs at home, you might want to keep bulbs that contain some kind of toxic chemical, like CFLs, away from places where your cat frequently stays. Some bulbs contain chemicals like mercury, which makes them very difficult to dispose of if they ever break. The chemicals could linger, even after you clean up, and become a danger to you, your family and your cat. 

Avoid Dangly Lamp Accessories If it dangles, your cat is bound to think that it’s a toy. Avoid choosing lamp shades that have little things that dangle from them. If possible, take out the dangly bits of your lamp shades, especially the ones on floor lamps. Chandeliers, however, are a different story.

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