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A garden in your backyard or lawn can turn your simple home to a landscaping marvel. Setting up a garden can be hard work, you need time and patience and a good green thumb to take care of your plants. Once you have a beautiful bed of flowers, you’ll want to show them off to the world. 

Outdoor lighting is the best way to make you garden visible at night and keep your flowers safe from anyone who might accidentally trip in the dark. It also helps make your whole outdoor area look better.

Below are a few simple tips on how you can jazz up your little garden with lights. 

Remember to use Outdoor Friendly Bulbs Not all bulbs are sturdy enough to be used for outdoor lighting. Some can’t stand sudden changes in the weather, rise and fall of humidity and temperature. Many of them also won’t survive extreme weather conditions.

Before purchasing the bulbs you’ll be using for the garden, check whether they’re outdoor friendly. LED bulbs are a good choice since these are not made with glass and tend to be sturdier compared to other bulbs in the market. 

Creative Light Sources Don’t be limited to regular shaped bulbs. Try light sources that are use for decorative and creative purposes like those bendable light tubes or even holiday or fairy lights made with bright colored bulbs.

They can help add a creative and one of a kind detail to your space. You can even find bulbs that come in different shapes and hang them on tree branches. 

No to Heat The downside of using regular bulbs for outdoor areas or in gardens is that they tend to emit a lot of excess heat, which can damage the plants that are directly illuminated by them.

Instead, used newer bulbs like LED light bulbs since these don’t produce too much heat when being used.

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