Light Safety Tips

It’s time to set up the lights and glitter for the holidays. It’s every home’s holiday ritual to place decorative lights out to get into the holiday spirit. However these lights can cause big problems, especial when they’re left on for too long. You should make it a point to educate yourself about taking better care of your holiday lights to avoid fires.

Below are a few tips. 

Keep them Away from Light Materials Curtains, paper and other light materials that could easily catch on fire should be placed far away from your holiday lights. They do have the tendency to heat up after kept on for a while, and placing them near light materials will only boost their hazard factor. 

Turn them off Give them some time to cool down. Your lights need should only be used for a certain amount of time per day to avoid them from getting too hot, even when it’s cold outside. The easiest way to monitor their on/off cycle is to set a timer on the outlet where you’ll be placing them. Set the timer to turn the lights on when it’s dark and turn them off an hour or two before the sun comes up. Some holiday lights, like one made with LEDs, don’t produce as much heat which makes them a better choice. 

Avoid moisture Keep them dry. Avoid placing them directly on slow so they don’t get wet. Don’t line your gutter with them as well since melted snow could seep down into them. You’ll avoid getting electrocuted and minimize the possibilities of them starting a fire this way. 

Invest On A New Set If you’re still using those old lights, you might want to invest on new, power friendly ones like those made with LED bulbs. They last longer, don’t heat up as much and they cost less to maintain so you can use them over and over again without worrying about your power bill by the end of the year.

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