High School in Missouri Switches to LEDs

Nixa High School Invests in Efficient LED Lights

As the students relax for the holiday break, the maintenance crew at Nixa high got busy switching their old light bulbs with new and efficient LED bulbs

NIXA, Mo. -- The moment students left the halls of Nixa high for winter break, the maintenance crew got to work."As soon as the kids leave for winter break that's the busiest time of year for our facilities. The floors get buffed, the walls are deep cleaned," General Manager of Facilities Robert Klug said. And the light bulbs get replaced. 

However this year was different. The old gym and cafeteria lights have left the building, making way for technology of the future. "I know with the lighting project already there's been groups that have come in for activities and they've noticed the major transformation already just in the last couple days," Klug said. 

The old bulbs required frequent changing."It was pretty much a maintenance nightmare as far as up-keep, general maintenance to the fixture itself," Asst. Director of Facilities Brandon Thomas said. The new LED lights they installed will last five times longer than the old ones. "You've got about ten years until you have to worry about it again," Thomas said.And use much less energy. 

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