Any home or building is bound to have hallways somewhere. They’re usually not given a lot of attention since they’re just small spaces that connect different areas to each other.

However, these spaces shouldn’t be forgotten, especially when it comes to lighting. It’s not just because a dark, creepy hallway is scary to walk in, it’s also important that these spaces are given proper light to keep everyone safe and maximize its area. Most of the time, hallways only have a few light bulbs installed in the space. Below are a few tips to make the most of these bulbs. 

Use Bulbs with Wide Beams If the hallway only has a couple of bulbs to light the whole area, the best thing to do is to install light bulbs that have wide beam angles. These give out a beam of light that can cover a big space, so even if there are just a few bulbs lighting a long, narrow area, the light is going to be enough to fill the whole space. LED bulbs commonly have wide beams that will work for hallways. 

The Higher The Better When it comes to light beams, the higher the bulb is places, the more area it can cover. Avoid placing hanging light fixtures in halls. They not only make them look smaller, they can also limit the light bulb’s coverage especially if they are covered with lamp shades. Instead, have the bulbs directly installed on the ceiling so it can illuminate more space. 

Cool Tones for A Brighter Look Cool-toned bulbs, like most LED light bulbs, work better for small spaces since they give out a “brighter” looking light. These bulbs have a more ”whiter” colored light which makes the space look whiter and even bigger.

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