Although many of us appreciate our gardens during the day, we can still make it look amazing in the dark by using lights. What makes it even more special is that you can get creative with light to give the garden a different look at night. Energy efficient bulbs are a great choice for their low maintenance, power friendly, and come in a wide range of colors. Below are a few things to remember when placing lights in your garden. 

Outdoor Safe Make sure that the bulb you’ll be using is outdoor friendly. Outdoor friendly bulbs will make maintenance easier since they can stand the sudden changes of temperature and wear and tear better. Check the packaging of the bulb for an indicator or ask the sales person if the bulb is outdoor friendly or not. Some hardware or light stores usually have a section or aisle that’s dedicated to outdoor lighting. 

Color It Up This is where you can get really creative. Adding colored bulbs to any space can instantly change how it looks. Turn your garden into a magical place at night by adding a few colored bulbs. These can help highlight a feature, like a bush or a flowerbed, and make it stand out even more. You just need to be careful not to place your light too close to the place since the heat could damage them. 

High CRI Although it’s dark out, you can still make the colors of your garden come out by using lights that rate high in the CRI. The color rendering index is the measure of how a light source reveals the colors of the objects that it illuminates. To make it simple, how blue is blue under a certain light. When you have colorful flowers, you’d want to show them off so bulbs that have a high CRI rating can help boost their visibility and color details, even during night time. Bulbs like LEDs fit this category. Inquiries and questions are welcomed. Feel free to contact our customer support hotline.

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