A continually growing population means a growing demand for power as well, and our consumption of energy has come at a cost to our environment. Fortunately, we’ve managed to develop new technologies and products that solve our day to day problems, all while being friendly to the environment.

For instance, the rise of energy efficient bulbs has effectively eliminated the need to use old incandescent light bulbs, which use far too much electricity for the intensity of light they produce. Newer light bulbs are not only brighter and friendly to the environment, they help save you money on utilities as well. Here are some of the greatest benefits when switching to green and efficient bulbs. 

Cuts Power Bills Down A home’s lighting system uses up a big chunk of the power used every day. Using an efficient lighting system can help cut back on power bills since these bulbs usually consume less than half of what an average light bulb, like an incandescent bulb, would need to produce the same amount of light. Once you switch to a power-friendly lighting system, you can see the big difference within the first month of using it. 

Maintenance is a Breeze Another benefit when using eco-friendly bulbs like LEDs is that they last much longer. An LED light has a lifespan 8 to 10 times longer compared to a regular incandescent bulb. This means that maintenance is going to cost less since they don’t need to be changed as often. Since newer bulbs are made with a plastic-like material, they’re also less prone to breaking. 

Better Quality Newer, power-friendly bulbs have better light quality and performance when it comes to illuminating a space. For starters, they don’t have a warm up time so they turn on instantly. They also don’t lose their brightness, even as they reach their final few hours. These bulbs are also brighter and give out a crisp, solid light. For questions and comments, you can contact our customer support hotline.


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