Whether you’re a homeowner who’s aiming to consume less and be more self-reliant or a business owner that wants to cut cost, there are a few eco-friendly investments that you can make to help you save money and save the environment. Below are a few eco-friendly investment ideas that you might want to check. These might initially start out as a big expense, but once you get the ball rolling, you’ll notice a significant drop in your utility and maintenance cost. 

Energy Efficient Bulbs since lighting takes up a big percent of the power we use, it’s understandable that we’d find ways to cut down power usage on the lighting system. So you don’t have to sacrifice brightness, invest on power friendly, energy efficient lights. Choose from CFLs or LEDs that use a fraction of what incandescent bulbs use to create the same amount of brightness. You can find power efficient bulbs in any hardware store these days. They’re considerably more expensive compared to other bulbs, but the savings on power and maintenance can be seen in the first month of use. 

Renewable Energy Source There are a number of renewable energy sources that you can invest on. The most common would be solar and wind. There are a number of companies that offer solar panel systems and installation for a fee, so you won’t have to deal with actually rewiring your home’s electrical system yourself. Wind energy lets you put up turbines which gather energy from the wind. Investing on either of these systems lets you have renewable, clean energy for the rest of your life. 

Better Insulation Foam insulation is the best if you want to save on electricity. The material keeps your house cool during hot months and warm during cool months. You won’t have to crank up the air conditioning or the heater to max, which means less power consumption.

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