LED CFL incandescent

Many people say that LEDs are the future of lighting. They’ve even crushed other types of bulbs like the CFLs and incandescents. Just how did they come to be, and how did they become so popular. Most people have accepted that it's all but over for old incandescent bulbs. But CFLs—compact fluorescent bulbs, the titular replacements for incandescents—may be rapidly becoming extinct as well. LEDs or light-emitting diode bulbs are the next lighting generation, and they've made significant advances in the last couple of years. I've been testing dozens of bulbs from companies such as Cree, GE, Lighting Sciences, Sylvania, and Toshiba, and found that not only are LEDs a better alternative with superior lighting characteristics, they offer more features than any previous lighting technology—as long as you understand how they are rated and what to look for. More on the story at Fox News.


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