Going Green with Outdoor Lights

Homeowners today are now more conscious about using products that help conserve energy. But most of the time, they only think about what they can change inside the house to reduce power. What they don’t realize is that the outdoor area can also be turned to a power friendly spot of the home.

Below are a few tips on how you can set your outdoor entertainment space to become energy efficient. 

Use Energy Efficient Light Bulbs Most of us keep our outdoor lighting on all night, so they usually take up a big percent if the total power we consume in a month. Using energy or power efficient bulbs can help up cut back on the energy consumption.

What makes these bulbs so great is that they only use a fraction of the power common bulbs like incandescent bulbs use to create the same brightness. They cut power and help us save on our monthly power bill. 

Install Timers Timers are a big help, especially for people who forget to turn off their lights during the day. They let you schedule a specific time when your outdoor lights will turn on and off.

Homeowners won’t need to worry about coming home to a dark house since they can schedule the lights to turn on before it gets dark. They don’t cost a lot and they’re available in most hardware or home improvement stores. Most timers are also compatible to newer type of bulbs like LEDs. 

Love the Sun Sunlight is free and it’s the best form of light for any space. The sun can also be used as a power source. Solar panels can be installed to collect energy to be used for lighting. It’s a big investment, but these panels last for a very long time and the savings on the electricity bill pays them of after a few years.

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