Fun Outdoor and Garden Lighting

If you want to start planning for your spring and summer outdoor parties, then you’ll have to consider lighting, especially if you’re just new to outdoor entertainment. Lighting is vital since it keeps everyone safe and it gives your outdoor space more life. You can jazz up the place with different lights from colored LEDs to candles. 

Here are a few design tips. Secret Garden If you’re into gardening and growing magnificent flowering plants, make a beautiful secret garden by enclosing you outdoor entertainment space with high shrubs, medium sized trees or vines and plant different kinds of flowers around the area. For lighting, try to keep it romantic. Use warm toned lights and tinted light bulbs. Candles would also be perfect for this theme. 

Welcome to the Tropics An outdoor area with a tropical theme takes your guest directly out of the suburbs or the city and into the beach. Think palms, ferns, sand, shells, and even Tiki statues. Consider minimizing electric lights and go with bamboo torches and candles. Base the design of the whole area on things that you can find at the beach and nature. Use natural materials like wood, fibers, and stone. It’s a creative way to create a nice area where you and your guests can escape to. 

Enchanted Backyard Want to use your Holiday lights all throughout the year? Then turn your back yard into something enchanted. Wrap or drape these lights on a tree or post and they’ll make your outdoor space look like fireflies or fairies are flying around it. Holiday lights made from LED light bulbs are perfect for this job since they last longer and work well outdoors. They also come in a selection of colors. Questions? Comments? Feel free to contact our customer support hotline.


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