Flyte LED Light Bulb Uses Magnets for Levitating Action

LED Light Bulb

If you think you’ve seen it all when it comes to LED lighting, then you’ve clearly never seen the Flyte LED Lightbulb. Using magnets and electromagnetic induction, this LED light bulb can not only be charged from a distance, it floats off its base. 

What do you get when you combine the power of electromagnetic induction, and uh, magnets? You get the Flyte LED Lightbulb, of course. Much like the wireless smartphone chargers you see today, this LED bulb is powered from a distance through the magic of electromagnetic induction. But the added flair in this product is that the entire bulb and housing levitate above their base, slowly rotating. The base is plugged into an outlet and some electromagnets keep the bulb in place, while powering the LED. 5V of power are sent through the air, which is enough to generate a modest 60 Lumens. At $249 it’s on the very pricey side, but think of the amazed looks on your guests’ faces and maybe you’ll think it’s worth it. Read more at Oh Gizmo

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