Fixture Aims to Make LED Bike Lights Better


Biking today has been made a lot safer thanks to the advent of LED bike lights. In fact, they’re so bright they can blind oncoming drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians alike. As a solution to this problem, one designer is working on a lampshade specifically for your LED bike light

Bike lights used to be notoriously dim. That changed with the introduction of extra-bright LEDs, but the dazzling new lights cause a different problem: They might be visible farther down the street, but if they're aimed too high, they can also blind oncoming drivers or other cyclists. 

As light manufacturers race to make the brightest lights possible—some go up to 7,600 lumens, over 16 times brighter than an old-fashioned 40-watt lightbulb—one designer has a new solution. The Sombra is basically a lampshade for your LED bike light. It manages to make it both safer for oncoming traffic and visible from new directions. 

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