LEDs have now become a major choice when it comes to choosing light bulbs amongst Filipino consumers says Philips Philippines marketing manager. 

DAVAO CITY -- Filipino consumers are shifting to LED (light emitting diode) lights, proving Philips Lighting Philippines’ forecast that customers will prefer new, more energy-efficient lighting technology than older compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs). “The switch to LED is happening and the people now are more and more aware... They are really viewing energy conservation to be something that can be really helpful for them,” said Christine Villanueva, Philips country marketing manager. Ms. Villanueva said the company earlier projected that by 2015, about 45% of Philips buyers will already be purchasing LED lights. In some do-it-yourself shops, Philips is already seeing a 50-50 sales share between LED and CFLs. The lighting industry recorded a 13% share for LED in 2010, she noted. The whole story at bworldonline.com.

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