Festive Summer Outdoor Lighting

Summer time, is the best time to get your grill on and invite your friends and family over for a party. The weather is warm and it’s perfect to spend the night outside, enjoying good food and company. Decorate your backyard or outdoor entertainment area with beautiful lights to really make the space stand out, and keep everyone in the party safe. Below are some ideas on how you can illuminate your outdoor summer party. Lanterns Think of those festivals where they string up lantern and hang them from one side of the street to the other. You can create this look by getting some paper or cloth lanterns and placing LED light bulbs inside to light them up. Hang them from one end of your yard to another and watch your backyard turn into a fiesta.

String Lights You can use string lights or holiday lights in a million ways. Drape them on trees to make create a magical look, run them along the sides of your roof, place them on your fence, the possibilities are endless. Path Lights Not only do path lights provide light, it also helps keep everyone safe by making the walkway visible. Place some lights along the path to the door, around the garden, and even near steps. This way, everyone can see the walkway clearly, and not enc up stepping on your lovely flowerbed. Colored Bulbs Add a splash of color to your outdoor party by using colored bulbs.

These days, you can find bulbs that give out a number of difference colors instead of just one. LEDs are known for this, and the color payout is amazing. You can even set the bulbs to change colors in a certain pattern. Showcase your landscaping and garden with these colored bulbs.


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