Facts About LEDs to Remember when Buying Them

Facts About LEDs

If you’ve finally made the decision to switch to LED lighting, we at LiquidLEDs wish to congratulate you for joining the LED lighting revolution. You probably may have given your decision some thought, seeing as how most LED bulbs cost more than conventional light bulbs. Here are some facts about LEDs to remember when buying them. 

LEDs Emit a Directional Glow LEDs naturally give off directional light. This means that unless they’re designed to give off a more general beam spread, you’ll need multiple LEDs to illuminate large spaces—think 4 LEDs for a mid-size room. Fortunately, several manufacturers have engineered to generate a wide beam glow, using reflectors or positioning several individual diodes to cast a wide beam. 

LEDs Still Give Off Heat There’s much ado about LED light bulbs having low heat levels. While there’s some truth to these claims, LEDs still generate a little heat, as any other electronic device would. Still, it’s nothing close to the scorching temperatures generated by the incandescent light bulb and CFLs. Why? You can still comfortably touch an LED light bulb even when it’s been used for several hours. 

Some LEDs are Dimmable, Others are Not LEDs are also hyped for being compatible with dimming controllers, giving them yet another advantage over CFLs, which are incompatible with most third-party dimmers—blame it on their engineering. However, the truth is that not all LED light bulbs are dimmable, so be sure to check an LED light bulb’s label instead of making the assumption that they’re all dimmable.

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