Even out Room Lights

A big space means that you might encounter problems when it comes to keeping the brightness level. You don’t want a room that’s dim on one side and too bright on the other.

Lighting a space also means that you have to consider style and function. You can easily have a row of lights installed on the ceiling, but you’re space will end up looking like a warehouse. Below are some tips on how to properly light a big space with balanced lighting. 

Know the Beam Wideness Most bulb manufacturers indicate on the packaging the wideness of the light it gives out. The angles vary from very narrow spot to very wide flood. Ask for a conversion chart or go online to know the exact angles for these beams. When in doubt, ask for a wide angle bulb. Check out LED bulbs since they give out a bright light with wide angles. 

It Needs Space The worst thing that you can do is to cram a number of light fixtures in a certain area of the space. To have even lighting, you need to space your lights evenly. Certain spots in the space might be dim while others too bright. Measure out the area and spread out your lights in a way that they give a leveled brightness. Don’t count in accent lighting fixtures like desk or table lamps. Concentrate on the room’s overall brightness. 

Use the Same Type and Brand of Bulb Many people make the mistake of buying different kinds of bulbs to and use them to light a single space. However, they come in different hues, temperatures and colors. Different brands might give out a different type of light, so stick with one kind to keep it all the same. Try out a few new ones like LEDs which offer more benefits compared to incandescent bulbs.

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