A green home is a happy home, not to mention you also get to save a lot of money when you start shifting to more sustainable power sources. With all the power saving technology being offered in the market, which ones are actually pretty worthwhile to invest in? Below are a few. 

Solar Panels More and more homes are now shifting to solar panels to power up most of their electronics and appliances. There are thousands of solar panel system providers available, and if you can’t find one, go on-line and search for one nearest to your area.

You can start small like the water heater or even for your pump if you have a swimming pool. It’s going to cost a lot of have a whole set of solar panels set up, but you do get a return of investment in a short time. 

Energy Friendly Bulbs Switching to new, power friendly bulbs is also another simple, but expensive way to save power and cut back on the electricity bill. A huge percent of our power consumption is due to our lighting system. We have dozens of light bulbs at home, and sometimes we forget to turn off the ones left on while no one is using them.

Over the past few years, power friendly bulbs like LEDs have started to take over the consumer market and are becoming top choices for home and business owners. True, they’re more expensive compared to regular incandescent bulbs, but they usually use around 10% of the power incandescent bulbs need to create the same amount of light. 

Light System Add-ons Think sensors, timers and dimmers. These things, when installed to your main lighting system, can actually help cut back on the power you use. For example, sensors would be great for outdoor lights so they only turn on when someone walks by, timers help you set when your lights specifically turn on or off and dimmers allow you to control the amount of electricity passing through the system.

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