Picking out the right emergency light can mean the difference between finding your way out in an emergency situation or getting stranded in the dark. Emergency lights are there to help light your way, as well as make you visible to rescuers. Choosing the right one is important for you and your family’s safety. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing an emergency light for your home. 

Brightness A rule of thumb when choosing an emergency light is to get one that’s equipped with a bright light bulb. Choose the type that have LEDs or other brighter, modern bulbs and steer clear from the ones that use incandescent lights. You’ll want something that gives off a cool, bright light so it can easily light up your way and you’ll also be more visible to a rescue party and to other people. 

Portability The best emergency lights are portable, lightweight, and easy to carry around. Look for ones that have handles that can let you carry them. Portable emergency lights are more useful since you can actually take them with you in case you need to move out of your home because of the emergency. Some even have slots for extra batteries that can be used to extend the emergency light’s usage. However, keep in mind that smaller emergency lights tend to be less powerful, so check their batteries to make sure. 

Power The longer the light can stay on, the better. Basic emergency lights can often last you for a good couple of hours, but the heavy duty ones can last you more than 24 hours, which is great in case the power doesn’t come on till then. It also has something to do with the bulb being used. Some bulbs only need a small amount of energy to create the same brightness as classic bulbs do

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