Dyson Heir Unveils Own Line of LED Bulbs Touted to Last 40 Years


Jake Dyson, heir to the Dyson empire built by bagless vacuum cleaner inventor Sir James, recently introduced a new LED lighting product called Ariel. Boasting of a 40-year lifespan, can this LED back the talk? 

Dyson is the son of Sir James, inventor of the famous bagless vacuum cleaner, among other things. The younger Dyson has created a product called Ariel through his company Jake Dyson Products (JDP). The suspended light fitting uses LED bulbs and took four years to develop, The Guardian writes. Its 40-year lifespan is actually a conservative estimate. At full brightness, the product has enough power to run for 180,000 hours. That is 12 hours a day for four decades. 

Read more at the Business Insider.


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